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Why YOU Should Apply To Be An Outgoing Rep!

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Outgoing’s city breaks and event portfolio is ever-expanding, and this year is set to bigger and better than ever! Here's four reasons why an Outgoing rep application should be at the top of your to-do list this Christmas break…

1. The opportunity to visit some of the best cities in Europe

We have some BIG trips planned to dozens of European destinations this year. We'll be hitting the likes of Prague, Budapest, Krakow and Amsterdam just to name a few, and there’s plenty more exciting places in the pipeline.

What’s more, a lot of these trips including exciting excursions and events; one day you could be visiting European Parliament in Brussels, the next you’re leading a boozy bar crawl in Berlin! Repping for Outgoing is the ideal way to experience the best of these European cities for completely free… no need for that expensive interrail pass!

"Signing up to rep for Outgoing has been one of the best decisions of my life! I’ve been working with them for less than a year and I’ve already had the opportunity to work in so many different countries, including a trip to Disneyland Paris! As your main responsibility is ensuring the journey goes smoothly, often you’ll have free time to explore what the city has to offer!" - Rosie


2. Get involved in some of the biggest and best student events around

In 2020 our flagship event, SportsVest, will be celebrating its 12th year of taking sports teams on TOUR for the highlight of their university calendar. Thousands of students will flock to our exclusive resort in Croatia for a week of sunshine, sport, and social activities.

Not only do we pull impressive headliners like Blonde, Annie Mac, and Sigma out the bag every year, but SportsVest recently announced the addition of an Official Bongo's Bingo night to next year's line up!

Reps play a key role in helping our customers have the best experience possible whilst on tour and it’s amazing to be an important part of such a large-scale and well-organised event. And if that’s not enough, you also benefit from plenty of time off to enjoy the boat parties, DJ sets, and of course the Croatian sunshine!


3. A great thing to put on your CV

Whilst being a rep is tonnes of fun, it is also brilliant work experience that requires plenty of skills and responsibilities. You’re in charge of a large group of people, ensuring they are safe, happy, and where they need to be throughout the trip’s duration. It involves stepping out of your comfort zone, challenging yourself, and solving any problems should they arise. We are looking for people with good leadership and organisational abilities, as well as social skills and confidence. These qualities are all well-regarded when applying for jobs, making the role of an Outgoing rep a unique and valuable addition to your CV!

"Working for Outgoing/SportsVest has given me the opportunity to push my personal boundaries I have managed to enhance my social skills, had the chance to visit numerous countries all whilst making loads of new friends along the way and making new business contacts!" - Chris


4. Meet some friends for life

Repping for Outgoing involves meeting like-minded people that you would never have encountered otherwise, who often become your friends for life. Nothing bonds people more than escaping the real world to experience new cultures and take on new challenges. One of the reasons we have so many reps return season after season is because of the friendships they’ve formed with other reps and customers along the way!

"Repping for Outgoing gave me the opportunity to see Europe at its best. Being a rep for a well-respected company gives you the chance to explore new places, new friends and new experiences that you’ll never forget!" - Lewis

So if you fancy working hard and playing hard with Outgoing this season, apply to be a rep today!

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